Mechanical Properties

Universal Columns (UCs) are steel sections with a characteristic "H" shape, providing them with high strength and rigidity. They are distinguished by their wider flanges compared to Universal Beams, which makes them especially suitable for use as columns where axial load capacity is critical. UCs exhibit excellent mechanical properties, including high compressive strength, making them capable of supporting substantial vertical loads. The design of UCs ensures stability against buckling under axial loads and offers resistance to bending moments.


Universal Columns, being designed for vertical load-bearing applications, have limited bendability. They are optimized for strength and stability, focusing on supporting structural loads rather than bending or flexing. The steel grade and the specific manufacturing processes ensure that the columns can withstand the required loads without compromising their structural integrity.

Dimensional Tolerance

Universal Columns are produced with precise dimensional tolerances, ensuring that each column meets the stringent requirements necessary for structural applications. These tolerances are essential for the accurate fitting of components in construction projects, enabling engineers and architects to design buildings with confidence in the structural integrity of the materials used. Dimensional tolerances for UCs include flange width, depth, web thickness, and straightness, all of which are crucial for the column's performance in supporting loads.

Corrosion Resistant

Like other steel sections, Universal Columns can be treated to improve their resistance to corrosion, thereby extending their useful life and reducing maintenance needs. Protective treatments include galvanizing, painting, or applying other protective coatings that shield the steel from environmental elements that can cause corrosion. Such treatments are particularly important for structures exposed to harsh or corrosive environments, including industrial facilities, coastal areas, and structures where longevity and durability are of paramount importance.

Where do you need it?

Universal Columns are utilized in a wide range of construction and engineering projects, serving as critical support structures in:

  • Commercial and Residential Buildings: As main support columns in the framework of multi-story buildings, high-rises, and large residential complexes.
  • Infrastructure Projects: In the construction of bridges, overpasses, and tunnels where strong vertical supports are required.
  • Industrial Structures: As the backbone of large industrial buildings, warehouses, and factories, where they support roofs, floors, and other structural elements.
  • Public Facilities: Including schools, hospitals, and government buildings, where durability and safety are crucial.
  • Specialized Engineering Projects: Such as stadiums, exhibition centers, and large-scale public artworks, where structural integrity must meet aesthetic and functional requirements.
Universal Columns are integral to the construction industry, providing the necessary support for structures that require high load-bearing capacity and stability. Their design and mechanical properties make them a versatile choice for a wide array of projects, ensuring safety, durability, and efficiency in construction and infrastructure development.

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