UB Section Beam

UB Section Beam

Mechanical Properties

Universal Beams (UB) are a type of steel section widely utilized in construction and engineering. They are known for their exceptional strength and durability. The mechanical qualities of UBs include high tensile strength, yield strength, and the ability to withstand significant loads without deformation. These beams are designed to support heavy loads over large spans with minimal weight, making them ideal for a wide range of structural applications.


Universal Beams have a certain level of bendability, which is controlled through the steel's composition and the rolling process during manufacturing. However, their primary design is for rigidity and support across long spans rather than being bent into shapes. The steel's grade and composition can be adjusted to improve flexibility or strength, depending on the requirements of the project.

Dimensional Tolerance

Universal Beams are produced with precise dimensional tolerances, ensuring consistent section depth, width, and web thickness across batches. These tolerances are critical for the engineering calculations and structural integrity of constructions. The manufacturing standards ensure that each beam meets strict specifications for uniformity, allowing for predictable performance and ease of integration into construction projects.

Corrosion Resistant

The steel used in Universal Beams is often treated with protective coatings to enhance its resistance to corrosion. This treatment is essential for beams used in environments prone to moisture, salt, or chemicals, such as marine structures or industrial facilities. Options include galvanization, which adds a layer of zinc to the surface, or the application of protective paints and sealants, extending the life of the beam and reducing maintenance requirements.

Where do you need it?

Universal Beams are essential components in a wide range of construction and infrastructure projects. Their strength, versatility, and efficiency make them suitable for:

  • Commercial and Residential Buildings: Providing structural support for floors, roofs, and walls in high-rise buildings, offices, and homes.
  • Industrial Structures: Frameworks for factories, warehouses, and large industrial facilities.
  • Public Infrastructure: Bridges, flyovers, airports, and train stations where long spans and heavy loads are common.
  • Specialized Constructions: Large stadiums, exhibition centers, and shopping malls that require large open spaces without internal supports.
  • Energy Sector: Support structures for power plants, including renewable energy facilities like wind turbines.
  • Marine and Coastal Engineering: Harbors, docks, and sea defense structures that demand durability against harsh environmental conditions.
Universal Beams offer a combination of structural efficiency, durability, and adaptability, making them indispensable in modern engineering and construction.

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